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When Jon Fussle started the Warsaw Flying Club in February 2004, he had one mission; to promote aviation throughout the community and to provide the best flight training possible. “I started the Flying Club to make flying fun again… I felt like Warsaw was under-served for people who wanted to learn how to fly, and I love the relationships we develop as pilots with each other.” Prior to starting the Warsaw Flying Club, Fussle had logged over 4000 hours as a flight instructor and corporate pilot in California, and a charter pilot based in New York, then later in South Bend. 

However, his passion for flight instructing and desire to return to his hometown of Warsaw, IN compelled him to create the Warsaw Flying Club.  In January of 2004 he sold his most valuable asset, a 1989 Cadillac Allante, and scraped together a few extra dollars to buy WFC’s first airplane; a Cessna 152, N24939.

In the 11 years since that first flight lesson, the Warsaw Flying Club has had over 100 people solo and nearly 100 pilots have received their Private Pilot’s License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot’s License, or Certificated Flight Instructor rating through the Warsaw Flying Club!  Approximately 80% of the pilots in Warsaw are (or were) members of the Warsaw Flying Club!

The Warsaw Flying Club was primarily a hobby for Fussle until 2013. "I had a full-time flying job and worked the Club on my days off or after work. In January of 2013, Katye (my wife) and I felt lead to give the Warsaw Flying Club our full attention, and it has gotten just that, and the results are amazing".

Over the past two years, WFC has grown by leaps and bounds.  The number of flight hours we flew in 2013 vs. 2012 grew by 275%, and our growth in 2014 vs. 2013 was up 242%.  So comparing our flight times of last year vs. 2012 shows a 674% growth over the past two years.  Meanwhile, we’ve gone from just a single Cessna 152 in 2012 to the 152, two 172’s, and a Cirrus SR22, a 400% growth in aircraft.  Membership over that same period is up 350% as well!

"This club is so much more to us than just a job for us. This Club has become an extension of our family, and those who choose to become a part of this family have such an interesting and important place here." WFC offers a variety of programs to fit the needs of every pilot and pilot-to-be. Our Young Guns bring energetic youth, the “old guns” who bring their wisdom and awesome humor, we have guys and girls, young and old, students and professionals, craftsmen and IT gurus, foreigners and Americans… but we are all part of this family of aviators.

Each tick on the Hobbs meter is another exciting page in a chapter that belongs to each pilot at this Club in a book that is becoming a part of this legacy.  We fly across the country; north to south, and east to west.  We’ve flown to 10 different countries, dozens of states, and have so many memories.  We are honored and humbled to be a part of your lives, your passion, and your legacy.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your aviation community and we look forward to flying with you.


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