CFI Paul Schmoling

We’ve had some new faces at the WFC over the last few months and we’re excited to finally introduce you to our new flight instructors, Paul Schmoling, Tarike Delisser, and Jayson Slabach. We are thankful for the new availability these instructors will be able to offer our students, in addition to Chief Flight Instructor, Jon Fussle. Each of our CFIs are available every week for flight lessons. More instructors means we can offer more time to fly and options for our students and members.

This month, we spotlight Paul Schmoling. Paul came on as a CFI with us in February from Andrews University where he flight instructs, in addition to flying with us. Flying has always been a passion for Paul, so he decided to turn his passion into his career. “I’ve been fascinated by birds and the idea of human flight as far back as I can remember.” Paul started his flight training in 2014 and completed his CFI check ride in December of 2016. “The hardest part of training for me was studying. I have a natural ability to fly a plane… but I just hated sitting on the ground studying books. Although, once you become an instructor, you begin to realize how important that stuff really is.” As an instructor, Paul is learning that new challenges come with his new role. “The hardest thing for me to teach people is how to land, because landing a plane has so much to do with feeling.” He says to work through that, he lets students practice with him, make a few mistakes on their own so they can learn what feels right for them to learn how to safely land. Even through the challenges of teaching, Paul is reminded how great aviation is each time he is able to share it with someone. “I love aviation and the ability to share that love with other people, through teaching them to fly, is an amazing feeling.

Paul’s advice for anyone who is interested in learning to fly is to “save your money and when you have enough, watch Top Gun, then eat, sleep, and breath aviation until you get it done!” Paul’s ultimate job in aviation is to fly internationally for a major airline and have the freedom to one day sail around the world. His dream job would be to fly float equipment in the tropics, showing up to work in flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt. Which is quite fitting, since he loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Paul will be teaching in our Cessna 172s and offering tailwheel instruction in the Piper Cub. “Every time I take the Cub up, I’m reminded how much I love flying in its purest form.” If you’d like to schedule a flight with Paul or any of our other instructors, Tarike or Jayson, visit our website or call Carla at (888) 566-3877. Check out our June newsletter to learn more about CFI Tarike Delisser.

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