Here are some common questions we generally receive:

How much does flight training cost?

Well, there's a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is that we charge $85 per hour for the aircraft, plus fuel, and $45 per hour for the flight instructor. However, this is like asking Michelangelo what color palette he uses for his paintings; there is so much more to the equation than just that. To accurately answer the question, there are so many variables involved that may increase the cost of flight training, and so many that may decrease the cost. Here is a short list of some of those variables:

  • Time commitment
  • Skill set
  • Dedication to study
  • Ability to adapt
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Funding
  • Drive

Students that place training high on their priority list, study hard, and fly often will earn their Private Pilot's License for close to $5000. Students that do not put very much effort into training or that take long breaks will end up spending thousands of dollars more. Get started today with a Discovery Flight for just $119.

Is flying safe?

Flying is incredibly safe. Both pilots and their aircraft undergo routine in-depth inspections to ensure that they are functioning properly and that their are no hazards to their operation. Pilots receive hours upon hours of training and airplanes are maintained in high condition. Both are trained and designed to function precisely and safely time after time. Flying is infinitely safer than driving. If you want to compare statistics; there were 30,296 fatal traffic accidents in the United States in 2010 while there were only 267 fatal aviation accidents the same year.

What is Warsaw Flying Club's pass rate for students getting their Private Pilot's License?

The professional flight instructors at the Warsaw Flying Club have a pass rate of 100% over the past 10 years! Total pass rate has been a phenomenal 98% pass rate. We have professional flight instructors who have decades of experience so you can be sure that you are learning from the best, and only the best. We are former airline, corporate, and charter pilots, so we have real-world experience to draw upon. We do concede that there are a few other folks around the airport who dabble in aviation and have their instructor rating, but why would you learn to fly from a moonlighter? If you needed eye surgery, would you go hire a plumber?

What time of year is best to learn to fly?

The truth is that each season presents its own challenges and benefits. At the Warsaw Flying Club, we LOVE flying in the winter! The cold, dense air turns any aircraft into a rocket ship, and usually offers smooth, clear days for beautiful flying. Really, the best time to learn to fly is NOW. Get started today with a Discovery Flight for just $119.

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