Final Approach | Fall Break Flights

Fall Break is just around the corner! As the seasons change, it’s wonderful to view the beautiful fall foliage as we transition from summer to fall. But it’s an even more breathtaking sight if you catch a glimpse of it from above!

Imagine a weekend flying north to the renowned Mackinac Island for a quiet getaway on this charming little island. Head south to the colorful Brown County for a perfect weekend camping with your family. Get busy in the city and fly over to Chicago to visit any of the exciting attractions the windy city has to offer! Or schedule your flight down to Indy for a weekend of football and fun in our state’s capitol! The possibilities are endless, have you decided where you’ll be spending time on your long weekend or thought about how you’ll be getting there?  

Fly with us and schedule your flight today! But don’t just limit yourself to one weekend. Fall is the perfect time to fly and make memories some people only dream about! Need your BFR or checked out in our aircraft, no problem! Contact Katye Fussle at 574-606-5050,, or visit to schedule your flight! It’s time to fly!

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