Final Approach | Housekeeping

At the Warsaw Flying Club, we appreciate our members and want you to have a positive experience in flight training. In order to make our Club operate at it’s highest potential, we feel the need to address a few things.

Parking: In order to comply with the requests of the Warsaw Board of Airport Commissioners, we ask that you please park in the grass, just north of the WFC office, perpendicular to the hangar office, when visiting the WFC hangar for lessons or to fly. If the two spaces are already taken, please park in the designated parking spaces near the main terminal, or in the public parking area just south of the main terminal. Sorry for any future inconvenience. We are happy to give rides to and from the terminal for lessons when weather is an issue. Just call Jon at 574-904-1256.

The board has promised to clearly mark these parking spaces for us in the very near future.

Fuel: It is Warsaw Flying Club policy to have no less than one hour of flight time's worth of fuel in the tanks upon landing.  Please ensure you have adequate fuel prior to departure.  To get fuel, please contact City Aviation via UNICOM or by calling 574-269-1337.

Remember, the three most useless things in aviation are the runway behind you, the altitude above you, and the fuel you didn't take.


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