Final Approach | Summer is for Seaplanes

The summer is heating up and as you may have seen on our Facebook page, the Piper J3 Cub has made her way onto floats and over to the seaplane base for the summer on Winona Lake. 

We’ve had some beautiful weather already and we know it’s only going to get better with those Indiana summer sunsets! Take your pilot’s license to new sights by earning your Seaplane Rating with the Warsaw Flying Club this summer.

Enjoy dinner at the Boathouse and a sunset flight around Winona Lake. Cruise up to the sandbar on Tippy or fly up to the Oakwood for some live music on the Patio with a friend. The opportunities are endless with a Seaplane Rating and we can’t wait to get you started so you can take full advantage of the benefits of flying a floatplane all summer long.

Seaplane Ratings are a fun and challenging way to increase your skill level as a pilot. Lessons include 5 hours of flight training in our Piper J3 Cub on floats, briefing, debriefing and ground school, 1 hour of flight time for your check ride, and a home study guide for $1200. Please note: The cost does not include the FAA examiner’s fee for the check ride or additional time with the plane or instructor. You must be a Sport, Private, or Commercial Pilot with a current medical and complete the above minimum training to earn your Seaplane Rating. Make it a weekend event and knock out your training and check ride in one weekend! 

To get started, join us June 21st for your first 2 hours of Seaplane Ground School, from 6-8pm at the Seaplane Base on Winona Lake. This group ground school will offer 2 of the 5 hours of ground time you'll need to complete your Seaplane Rating. RSVP here or on Facebook. For more information on this rating, click here or email us for questions.

Contact Carla at 888-566-3877 to schedule your first seaplane flight with one of our certified flight instructors. Not a pilot yet? Purchase a Seaplane Discovery Flight with us to get an idea of what it's like to fly this timeless bird. We all know how fast summer flies by, so sign up early so you can enjoy this summer on floats. We’re going to have a fun summer at the Warsaw Flying Club and we hope you’ll join us!

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