Lesson 13




1. Preflight Orientation

2. Flight

3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the cheif instructor, assistant cheif, or a designated check instructor will evaluate the student’s proficiency in attitude instrument flight and navigation to ensure the student is prepared for more complex instrument flying procedures.


Full Panel Instrument

  • Straight-and-Level Flight
  • Constant Rate Climbs and Descents
  • Constant Airspeed Climbs and Descents
  • Standard-Rate Turns
  • Recovery From Unusual Flight Attitudes

Partial Panel Instrument

  • Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes
  • Timed Turns to Magnetic Compass Headings
  • Magnetic Compass Turns
  • Power-Off Stalls
  • Power-On Stalls
  • VOR Orientation
  • VOR Tracking
  • NDB Orientation
  • NDB Tracking
  • Time, Speed, and Distance Calculations
  • Localizer Tracking


The student will demonstrate accurate VOR and NDB orientation and tracking at all times. The student will also perform correct recovery techniques from unusual attitudes using full and partial panel instrument reference. Recovery from stalls will use correct recovery techniques from stalls using positive control techniques with a minimum loss of altitude. The student will maintain, in full and partial panel situations, altitude +/-100 feet, heading +/-10 degrees, airspeed +/-15 knots, and desired descent and climb rate +/-100 feet per minute.

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