Lesson 17


LESSON 17 (Stage II)



1. Preflight Orientation

2. Flight

3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the student will review previously learned holding pattern procedures and systems/equipment malfunctions. The student will also become familiar with nonprecision instrument approach procedures and missed approach planning.


Lesson Review

  • Holding Procedures
  • Nonstandard NDB Holding
  • Standard Localizer Holding
  • Systems and Equipment Malfunctions

Lesson Introduction

  • VOR Approaches
  • Localizer Approaches (Front Course)
  • Approach Procedures to Straight-In Landing Minimums
  • Missed Approach Procedures


The student will demonstrate proficiency in the Lesson Review maneuvers and procedures. The student will also be able to:

Explain and use the information displayed on the approach charts;
Execute several initial and intermediate approach segments to arrive at the final approach fix.
Complete the final approach and let down to the missed approach fix.
Demonstrate the missed approach procedure as appropriate to the published chart used.


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