Lesson 21

LESSON 21(Stage II)



1. Preflight Orientation

2. Flight

3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the student will review full panel instrument approach procedures for precision and nonprecision approaches and become familiar with no-gyro radar vectoring and apprach procedures.


Lesson Review

  • Full Panel Instrument (As Necessary)
  • ILS Approaches
  • Localizer Approaches
  • NDB Approaches
  • Landing From a Straight-In or Circling Approach Procedure
  • Intercepting and Tracking DME Arcs (If Equipped)

Lesson Introduction

  • Partial Panel Nonprecision Instrument Approach Procedures
  • Partial Panel Missed Approach Procedure


During the ILS approaches, the student will demonstrate accurate localizer interception and tracking and make a transition to the glideslope at the correct point and track the glideslope and localizer with less than full-scale needle deflection. During the non-precision approaches, the student should maintain an altitude +/-200 feet on the initial and intermediate approach segments and within 100 feet above the MDA.


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