Lesson 22

LESSON 22(Stage II)



1. Preflight Orientation

2. Flight

3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the student will review instrument approach procedures as well as holding pattern entries and procedures in preparation for the stage check and become familiar with VOR/DME RNAV and GPS approach procedures (if equipped).


Lesson Review

  • Standard VOR Holding
  • Nonstandard VOR Holding
  • Standard NDB Holding
  • Nonstandard NDB Holding
  • Standard Localizer Holding
  • VOR, ILS NDB Approaches
  • No-Gyro Radar Vectoring and Approach Procedures
  • Partial Panel Nonprecision Instrument Approach Procedures
  • Missed Approach Procedures

Lesson Introduction

  • VOR/DME RNAV and GPS Approach Procedures (If Equipped)


The student will demonstrate the ability to perform no-gyro radar approaches accurately and will demonstrate proficiency in the listed maneuvers in preparation for the Stage II Check.


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