Lesson 24

LESSON 24(Stage III)

1. Preflight Orientation
2. Flight
3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the student will be introduced to IFR cross-country procedures with an emphasis on planning and departure procedures. The student will develop an understanding of the appropriate emergency procedures for enroute IFR operations.


Lesson Review

  • Localizer Tracking
  • Localizer Approaches
  • ILS Approaches (As Needed)
  • NDB Approaches (As Needed)
  • VOR Approaches (As Needed)
  • Loss of Communications
  • Loss of Gyro - Attitude and/or Heading Indicator

Lesson Introduction

  • Weather Information Related to IFR Cross-Country Flight
  • Aircraft Performance, Limitations, and Systems Related to IFR Cross Country
  • Filing an IFR Flight Plan
  • Departure Procedures and Clearances
  • Air Traffic Control Clearances
  • Clearance Copying
  • Clearance Readback
  • Use of SIDs
  • Use of Radar
  • Voice Communications
  • Enroute Procedures and Clearances
  • Arrival Proceudres and Clearances
  • Canceling an IFR Flight Plan

Simulated Emergency Procedures

  • Radio Failure
  • Instrument Failure
  • Systems Failure
  • Equipment Failure
  • Icing
  • Turbulence
  • Low Fuel Supply
  • Engine Failure


The student will exhibit knowledge of the procedures involved in cross-country planning, filing IFR flight plans, and obtaining IFR clearances. The student will also demonstrate a basic understanding of the various simulated emergency procedures.


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