Lesson 27

LESSON 27(Stage III)


1. Preflight Orientation
2. Flight
3. Postflight Evaluation


During this lesson, the student will increase proficiency in plannin and conducting all phases of the IFR cross-country flight in preperation for the Stage III Exam. The student should understand the appropriate emergency procedures as well as resource management and decision making practices for enroute IFR operateions. The student will also develope competency in utilizing resource management and decision making skills.


Lesson Review

  • Weather Information Related to IFR Cross-Country Flight
  • Aircraft Performance, Limitations, and Systems Related to IFR Cross Country
  • Cockpit Management
  • Filing an IFR Flight Plan
  • Obtaining an IFR Clearance
  • Clearance Copying
  • Clearance Readback
  • IFR Departure Procedures and Clearances
  • IFR Enroute Procedures and Clearances
  • IFR Approach Procedures and Clearances
  • Canceling an IFR Flight Plan
  • VOR Holding
  • NDB Holding
  • VOR Time and Distance
  • VOR Approaches
  • NDB Approaches
  • ILS Approaches
  • Missed Approach Procedures
  • Partial Panel Nonprecision Instrument Appproach Procedures
  • Aeronautical Decision Making and Judgement


The student will demonstrate instrument pilot knowlege and proficiency as outlined in the current FAA Instruement Rating Practical Test Standards in each of the listed procedures.


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