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At the Warsaw Flying Club, we believe that a safe pilot is always learning. Have you reached a point in your training where you can fly on a beautiful day, but less than perfect weather makes you uncomfortable, and poor weather keep you on the ground? Take that next step in your flight training and start your instrument rating. Fall is the perfect time of year to start with this exciting training, as the weather conditions are often favorable for actual instrument flight conditions, rather than the typical training under the hood.

Whether you’re working toward career goals, want to sharpen your skills or become a safer pilot, choosing to earn your instrument rating is a great step in the right direction to becoming a more proficient pilot. You only need a few things to earn your instrument rating.

  • Should have private pilot’s license and medical
  • 50 hours of total Pilot in Command, cross country flight time
  • 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument flight time, of which:
    • 15 hours of dual instruction with a CFII
    • A flight of 250 nautical miles along airways or by directed routing from an air traffic control facility;
    • An instrument approach at each airport; and
    • Three different kinds of approaches

Earning your instrument rating is easy, fun, and exciting with the WFC. Our hope is that you will partner up with other club members, in groups of three, working toward this same goal. Our research has shown that people who fly together can learn from each other, essentially learning at a more accelerated rate and finishing sooner than those going it alone. It also gives you the opportunity to travel to exotic locations at a fraction of the cost of going it alone. Additionally, rather than flying in simulated IFR conditions, we want you to fly in actual conditions, to places you’ve never been. Get real experience flying in weather conditions you may come across and get more comfortable with the ATC system. Our goal is for our students to constantly be learning how to be a better pilot, working toward a new skill or rating, and creating competent, skilled, experienced pilots.

Join us at our September Wings Night for an informational meeting about our instrument lessons and get to know other club members who are working toward their next rating. Wings Night starts at 6pm on September 15, with the instrument meeting starting at 7pm. For more information or questions, contact CFI Jon Fussle at


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