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Spring is finally in the air and the weather is starting to turn. While we enjoy flying and teaching in all seasons, our prime flying season is kicking off! Enjoy the change in weather with a change of scenery and perspective! Whether you want to start a new career, finish what you've already started, or get started with a new hobby, the Warsaw Flying Club is the perfect place for you to fulfill your aviation dreams. Check out our options below to get started. Call 888-904-1256 to schedule a meeting with an instructor or email us to schedule a flight with us. Thanks for choosing the Warsaw Flying Club! We look forward to flying with you!

$119 Intro Flight 
A perfect introduction for someone who has never been in a small airplane or someone who wants to see a different perspective of life.

  • Includes a 15 minute flight in a Cessna 172
  • Invite two friends to join you on your flight!

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$149 Discovery Flight 
This is a perfect gift for someone interested in learning how to fly as the Discovery Flight is the first lesson of flight training.

  • Includes a WFC t-shirt
  • A logbook
  • 1 hour ground school lesson
  • 30 minutes of flight time in a Cessna 172
  • Bring two friends to enjoy this experience with you

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$250 Bi-annual Flight Review
Perfect for someone who wants to keep or regain their currency and build their confident in their ability as a pilot.  This is a great gift for a private or commercial pilot.

  • Includes 1 hour ground instruction, a 1 hour check in Cessna 172 and a WFC t-shirt.

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See what you can expect on a Discovery Flight with the Warsaw Flying Club


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