Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Name: Introduction to Flight       Lesson 1 Type:  Regular
  Lesson Description: Flight Lesson 1
  Equipment: Aircraft only       Dual
  Lesson Objectives:
  • Become familar with the training airplane and its systems.
  • Learn about certifictes, documents, and checklists. Understand how to conduct the necessary preflight activties. Learn about the functions of the flight controls, and how they are used to maintain specific attitudes.
  • Gain an understanding of preflight preparation and procedures.
  Lesson Preflight 
  • Fitness for flight
  • Positive exchange of flight controls
  • Certificates and documents
  • Airplane logbooks
  • Airplane servicing
  • Fuel grades
  Lesson Completion 
  • Display basic knowledge of aircraft systems and the necessity of checking their operation before flight.
  • Become familiar with the control systems and how they are used to maneuver the airplane on the ground and in the air.
  Lesson Sub-Activities:
Introduce:     Certificates and Documents
Operation of Systems
Preflight Inspection
Engine Starting
Before Takeoff Check
After Landing, Parking, and Securing Procedures
Radio Communications and Light Signals
Straight-and-Level Flight
Climbs and Descents
Normal Takeoff and Climb
Normal Approach and Landing
Use of Checklists
Airplane Servicing
Location of First Aid Kit
Location of Fire Extinguisher
Equipment Checks
Level Offs
Medium Banked Turns in Both Directions
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