Lesson 24


1. Preflight Orientation
2. Flight
3. Postflight Evaluation


Review the areas of operation specifically assigned by the instructor with special emphasis on correcting any deficiency in the performance of maneuvers or procedures before the Stage III Check. Further develop the student’s knowledge and skill in preparation for the private pilot practical test. Emphasis will be on correction of any deficient skill or knowledge areas.


Lesson Review

  • Spin Awareness
  • Maneuvering During Slow Flight (VR-IR)
  • Power-Off and Power-On Stalls (VR-IR)
  • Steep Turns
  • Ground Reference Maneuvers
  • Using Radio Communications, Navigation Systems/Facilities, and Radar Services (IR)
  • Unusual Attitude Recoveries (IR)
  • Normal and/or Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings
  • Go-Around/Rejected Landing
  • Short-Field Takeoffs/Maximum Performance Climbs and Landings
  • Soft-Field Takeoffs and Landings
  • Forward Slips to Landing
  • Emergency Operations
  • Cross-Country Flight Procedures
  • Specific Maneuvers or Procedures Assigned by the Flight Instructor


The lesson is complete when the student has practiced the assigned maneuvers and procedures. The student should exhibit competence and ability to correct and weak performance areas determined previously. Perform each assigned maneuver and procedure with proper coordination and precision according to the criteria established in the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

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