Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Name: Basic Maneuvers       Lesson 3 Type:  Regular
  Lesson Description: Flight Lesson 3
  Equipment: Aircraft only       Dual
  Lesson Objectives:
  • Review airspeed control during basic maneuvers and traffic pattern operations.
  • Introduce stalls from various flight attitudes to increase understanding of airplane control during normal and critical flight conditions.
  • Introduce attitude control by instrument reference (IR).
  • Emphasis will be directed to proper execuction of the listed basic maneuvers and procedures, particularly takeoffs, traffic patterns, and landings.
  Lesson Preflight 
  • Situational awareness
  • Basic instrument maneuvers
  • Preflight planning, operation of powerplant, aircraft systems, and engine runup procedures
  • Visual scanning and collision avoidance precautions
  • Windshear and wake turbulence avoidance procedures
  Lesson Completion 
  • Display increased proficiency in coordinated airplane attitude control during basic maneuvers.
  • Perform unassisted takeoffs.
  • Demonstrate correct communications and traffic pattern procedures.
  • Landings completed with instructor assistance.
  • Maintain altitude within ±250 feet during airspeed transitions and while maneuvering at slow airspeeds.
  • Indicate basic ability to control attitude by instrument reference.
  Lesson Sub-Activities:
Introduce:     Power-Off Stalls
Power-On Stalls
Maneuvering During Slow Flight
Straight-and-Level Flight
Constant Airspeed Climbs
Constant Airspeed Descents
Review:     Preflight Inspection
Engine Starting
Before Takeoff Check
After Landing, Parking, and Securing Procedures
Radio Communications and Light Signals
Traffic Patterns
Airport, Runwy, & Taxiwy Signs, Markings, & Lightg
Flight at Slow Airspeed
Normal Takeoff and Climb
Normal Approach and Landing
Collision Avoidance
Use of Checklists
Airplane Servicing
Minimum Equipment List
Flight at Various Airspeeds / Confirg. Changes
Flight at Approach Speed
Descents in High & Low Drag Configurations
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