Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Name: Airport Operations       Lesson 4 Type:  Regular
  Lesson Description: Flight Lesson 4
  Equipment: Aircraft only       Dual
  Lesson Objectives:
  • Practice the maneuvers listed for review to gain additional proficiency and demonstrate the ability to recognize and recover from stalls.
  • The student will also receive instruction and practice in the maneuvers and procedures listed for introduction, including emergency operations and additional practice of airplane control by instrument reference (IR).
  • Instructor may demonstrate secondary, accelerated maneuver, crossed-controlled, and elevator trim stalls.
  • Emphasis will be on procedures related to airport operations, steep turns, slow flight, stalls, and stall recovery.
  Lesson Preflight 
  • Wake turbulence avoidance
  • Runway incursion avoidance
  • Workload management
  • Pilot-in-command responsibilities
  • Emergency procedures and equipment malfunctions
  • Emergency field selection
  Lesson Completion 
  • Display increased proficiency in coordinated airplane attitude control during basic maneuvers.
  • Perform unassisted takeoffs.
  • Demonstrate correct communications and traffic pattern procedures.
  • Landings completed with instructor assistance.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of steep turns, slow flight, stalls, stall recovery, and emergency operations.
  • Complete demonstrated stalls.
  • Indicate basic understanding of airplane control by use of the flight instruments.
  • **Note: Flight at Slow Airspeeds with Realistic Distraction, and the Recognition and Recovery from Stalls Entered from Straight Flight and from Turns
  Lesson Sub-Activities:
Introduce:     Steep Turns
Flight at Slow Airspeed
Stall and Spin Awareness Training
Emergency Approach and Landing (simulated)
Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear
Turns to Headings (VR)
Climbing and Descending Turns (VR)
Demo Stalls (X-Control, Trim, Secondary, Accel.)
Flight at...**See Completion Standards
Emergency Procedures / Operations
Emergency Descent
Review:     Traffic Patterns
Airport, Runwy, & Taxiwy Signs, Markings, & Lightg
Power-Off Stalls
Power-On Stalls
Maneuvering During Slow Flight
Normal Takeoff and Climb
Normal Approach and Landing
Flight at Various Airspeeds / Confirg. Changes
Flight at Approach Speed
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