Lesson 7

Lesson 7 Name: Ground Reference Maneuvers       Lesson 7 Type:  Regular
  Lesson Description: Flight Lesson 7
  Lesson Objectives:
  • Practice instrument flight maneuvers, takeoffs, landings, and emergency procedures
  • Review those maneuvers and procedures that appear to be difficult for the student.
  • Emphasis on ground reference maneuvers and emergency operations.
  Lesson Preflight 
  • Sections of FAR Parts 61 and 91 applicable to private pilots
  • Airspace rules and procedures for the airport where solo flight will be performed
  • Flight characteristics and operational limitations for the make and model of aircraft to be flown in solo flight
  Lesson Completion 
  • Display increased proficiency and skill in instrument scan and interpretation during practice of instrument flight maneuvers.
  • Takeoffs, landings, and go-arounds should be performed without instructor assistance.
  • Emergency procedures should be accomplished with minimal assistance.
  • Ground reference maneuvers should indicate increasing proficiency and precision.
  Lesson Sub-Activities:
Review:     Radio Communications and Light Signals
Straight-and-Level Flight
Climbs and Descents
Steep Turns
Rectangular Courses
Turns Around a Point
Crosswind Takeoff and Climb
Forward Slips to Landing
Go-Around / Rejected Landing
Crosswind Approach and Landing
Straight-and-Level Flight
Constant Airspeed Climbs
Constant Airspeed Descents
Turns to Headings
Emergency Approach and Landing (simulated)
Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
Runway Incursion Avoidance
Constant Airspeed Climbs and Descents (VR)
Climbing and Descending Turns (VR)
Emergency Procedures / Operations
Emergency Descent
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