Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Name: Review       Lesson 8 Type:  Regular
  Lesson Description: Flight Lesson 8
  Equipment: Aircraft only       Dual
  Lesson Objectives:
  • Prior to this flight, the instructor will administer and grade the Presolo Written Exam and Briefing.
  • Practice the listed review maneuvers and/or procedures, including emergency operations and basic instrument maneuvers, to help the student gain proficiency and confidence.
  • Emphasis will be directed toward correction of any faulty tendencies to prepare student for the first solo.
  Lesson Preflight 
  • Presolo Written Exam critique
  • Presolo flight training requirements
  Lesson Completion 
  • This lesson is complete when the student successfully passes the Presolo Written Exam with a minimum score of 80%, and the instructor has reviewed each incorrect response to ensure complete student understanding.
  • Demonstrate the ability and readiness for supervised solo flight in the traffic pattern.
  • Exhibit understanding of attitude instrument flying.
  • Indicate good understanding of local airport and airspace rules as well as systems and equipment malfunctions and related emergency procedures.
  • **Note: Flight at Slow Airspeeds with Realistic Distraction, and the Recognition and Recovery from Stalls Entered from Straight Flight and from Turns
  Lesson Sub-Activities:
Review:     Operation of Systems
Preflight Inspection
Engine Starting
Before Takeoff Check
Radio Communications and Light Signals
Traffic Patterns
Airport, Runwy, & Taxiwy Signs, Markings, & Lightg
Climbs and Descents
Steep Turns
Power-Off Stalls
Power-On Stalls
Maneuvering During Slow Flight
Flight at Slow Airspeed
Stall and Spin Awareness Training
Rectangular Courses
Turns Around a Point
Normal Takeoff and Climb
Crosswind Takeoff and Climb
Normal Approach and Landing
Forward Slips to Landing
Go-Around / Rejected Landing
Crosswind Approach and Landing
Straight-and-Level Flight
Turns to Headings
Emergency Approach and Landing (simulated)
Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
Collision Avoidance
Wake Turbulence Avoidance
Flight at...**See Completion Standards
Maneuvering During Slow Flight (IR)
Emergency Procedures / Operations
Emergency Descent
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