Membership Expectations

The Warsaw Flying Club (WFC) is committed to making safe and fun general aviation a reality for its members and their families. To help us meet this commitment there are certain expectations placed on our members. As a member of the WFC we are expected to hold the safety of ourselves and others as the highest priority in everything that we do. This includes consistent application of good judgement to all flying activities and following all Federal, State, and Local Aviation Regulations.
  1. Be a Good Neighbor

    As a member of WFC, you are expected to take all practical steps to be a good neighbor to others using the Warsaw Airport.

    Steps you can take to be a good neighbor include:
    • Parking only in the marked spots by the Hangar and if all are full, park by the terminal building and walk across the ramp
    • Driving at a safe, slow, speed while on airport property
    • Always give the right of way to all aircraft
    • Always pick up after yourselves and try to leave the airport better than you found it.

  2. Keep Family Members Close

    WFC is a family friendly environment and as members of the WFC, your children are always welcome. However due to the nature of operations at the airport, we need to set the proper expectations.

    • All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult
    • All children must remain in the hangar/office or immediately outside the hangar and at no times will be permitted to walk on the taxiways or runways
    • Care must be given to prevent children from damaging any aircraft they approach
    • All children are encouraged to attend a free safety briefing held by a club CFI. Contact any of our CFIs to schedule a briefing.

  3. Violations

    Failure to meet the expectations listed will promptly be addressed.

    • On the first instance of not meeting expectations you will receive coaching from a WFC CFI.
    • On the second instance you will receive a $50 fine from the club, and if the issue was with your children you will be asked to keep your child at home. 
    • On the third instance you will be removed from the club for a period of one year.

    Thank you for complying with the established rules of our club members, in addition to the airport rules and federal regulations.

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