Membership Perks

Our goal with this membership is to provide much more value than the $99/month your membership brings into the Club. Your monthly membership ensures that we are able to continue to offer the best possible aircraft at the best rates possible. This also ensures a minimum cash flow for the Club to remain solvent throughout the year. Membership benefits in the Warsaw Flying Club are as follows:

  • 1 free hour in the Cessna 152 per month (must be used within 3 months). The hour of flight time can be upgraded to the Cessna 172 for $20
  • Free annual flight review (1 hour flight, 1 hour ground), signed off as a BFR
  • Free subscription to Foreflight
  • Social Events (Wings Night, movie nights, summer camp, safety seminars, etc)
  • Discount Rates for Aircraft Rental ($65/hour for 152; $85/hour for 172)
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