Micheal Williams

The Warsaw Flying Club would like to congratulate our newest Private Pilot, Michael Williams. Michael’s love for aviation grew out of childhood memories when he and his family would fly to Arizona each year.

After finishing high school and trying out a few different careers, Michael decided aviation was the clear career path for him. “I always felt drawn to the sky and never liked any of the other jobs I tried. Deep down, I think it’s because I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. So I prayed about it. When you’re meant to do something, you can’t just push it away.

Michael started his training in August 2013 at Rochester Airport with the Mentone Flying Club. He soloed just few hours and a short month later. It was a long journey for him due to a busy work schedule and limited resources. It wasn’t until February 2016 that he came to WFC after seeing us in AOPA for our Flight Training Award. “I would get so frustrated thinking, ‘I can’t do this’ because it was taking me so long and costing me so much to get my license. The WFC helped me break through the head games and helped me stay on track to finish quickly.” Once with the Warsaw Flying Club, Michael finally decided to jump into his flight training career full time and passed his Private Pilot check ride May 16, 2016.

Since earning his license, Michael has enjoyed many fun trips with other club members like flying to Put-In-Bay for the day or down to Muncie for lunch and has plans to fly to Niagara Falls and Arizona in the near future. Michael is a career student and is already taking the steps to continue his flight training, working on his Instrument Rating with CFI Jon Fussle. “I really enjoy flying with Jon and being able to share my passion for aviation with him while learning from all of his experience. The club is such a unique atmosphere because it’s not just you and your instructor. People here turn into friends and peers and we work together to help each other learn and grow into better pilots.” Once Michael finishes his flight training, he plans to get a job flying with the airlines and eventually a corporate company. But more than just a career, he looks forward to using his pilot’s license in everyday life, not just for work, but for entertainment and traveling.

If you or someone you know is interested in flight training with the Warsaw Flying Club, visit our website for more information or contact Katye at 888-566-3877 or via email at katyetom@gmail.com.

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