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This month, we would like to introduce you to student pilot and intern, Mason Metzinger. Mason is a Junior at WCHS and is very active in swimming, coaches track for middle schoolers and attends the WCHS ground school course. You’ve probably seen Mason around the flying club often because he helps us out each week as our intern, working, cleaning and sometimes babysitting for us to work his way through flight training.

Mason first became interested in aviation as a child, listening to his grandpa tell stories about his years as a flight mechanic. He knew at a very young age he wanted to pursue aviation, so when he learned about the flight training ground school being offered at WCHS, he knew it was the first step in his aviation goals. “I just started my flight training in April, and it has been an amazing experience so far. The most challenging thing for me in my training has been stalls and radio communication, but Jon is teaching me well and I can only get better.”

It’s clear Mason has a real passion for aviation and the different birds in the sky. “My favorite part of flight training is learning about the aircraft. They are such magnificent machines and being able to operate one is pretty freaking awesome.” At such a young age, he’s already very knowledgeable about a variety of aircraft and when he’s at the club, surrounded by airplanes, he is always wearing a smile.

Although Mason hasn’t been training long, he already feels at home with our club. “WFC has great people, it’s like a family of pilots. My most memorable experience (so far) has been getting to meet and grow a relationship with the Fussle family and the pilot community. It makes everything worth it in the end.” We truly enjoy having Mason as a part of the club. He’s been a huge advocate for us in our youth flight training programs and we appreciate how he loves our kids like an older brother would.

Mason is a very dedicated and determined young man and we will be seeing more of him around the club this summer. Mason’s goal is to continue his flight training with us at WFC until he heads off to study at Purdue University as a Professional Aviation student next year. “My goal in aviation is to have fun, make relationships, and fly planes to the best of my ability. I look forward to the freedom of the air and the completion of a childhood dream.”

Feel free to encourage Mason on his flight training journey or let him ride along during your lessons. For more information on any of our youth programs or upcoming summer camps, visit WarsawFlyingClub.com or contact Katye with questions.

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