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On October 2, the Warsaw Flying Club received news no one in aviation wants to hear. A fellow pilot in the Warsaw aviation community, took off on what would be his last flight, with 2 of his friends and a family member on board. His aircraft, for an unknown reason, landed short of it’s destination, over trees in South Carolina. We immediately sent our condolences to the local families involved and we continue to pray for them daily, as we know they have a long road ahead of them. The aviation community is a small, close knit community and when a tragedy like this occurs, it hits home, even for those who didn’t know the victims on a personal level.

At the Warsaw Flying Club, our endeavor is to create professional pilots. We want you to go with confidence every time you climb onboard the airplane, whether it’s a beautiful VFR day or you are exercising your Instrument Rating down to minimums. Unfortunately, when an event like this takes place, it puts a kink in our “impenetrable pilot armor” and leaves many questions unanswered. The biggest unanswered question is why. While we may not know the cause of the accident for months to come, if ever, we understand that unanswered questions about the incident may leave some feeling uneasy about their next flight or questioning their own abilities as a pilot.

Professional pilots understand how important it is to learn from incidents like this one. To take a moment to honestly reflect on your capabilities and limitations. Military, airline, and charter pilots have “safety stand downs” that mandate this sort of pause. Unfortunately, little exists in the General Aviation community for such a concept. This is left up to the local community of pilots and instructors to dialogue, brainstorm, and develop solutions to problems before they are faced airborne.

As the only full-time flight school in Warsaw, we would be remiss in our responsibilities if we didn’t provide the necessary forum to help people through this hard time. While our instructors are always available to answer questions, we want to offer a free, special event to the entire pilot community, to help build confidence, camaraderie, and to encourage pilots to remain current in their training.

Join us on Saturday, October 31 at 9am at Hangar 12 for an open forum style meeting to review case studies of past accidents. More importantly, we will meet to discuss any specific questions you may have regarding the safety of flight, developing sound judgement, procedures, and any areas of weakness. We understand that a proficient pilot community is a healthy pilot community, and a healthy community is integral to everyone’s success in aviation.

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