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This month’s student spotlight features Warsaw Flying Club Private Pilot, Amber Hodorek.

Hodorek 1Amber’s interest in aviation began while working with a local aviation company. Originally she wanted to just familiarize herself to the industry, but she quickly became hooked and decided to take flying lessons with us!

Amber began lessons in May, 2006 and completed her Private Pilot’s License on December 9, 2006 with 55 hours of flight time. By making this goal a priority, staying motivated and on-task for each lesson, Amber was on the fast track. Chief Flight Instructor, Jon Fussle says, “She did what every other student before her did… but better, much better. She was always ready for each lesson, completing her homework and reviewing on her own so we could spend our time together on new material.”

Amber agrees that her preparation for each lesson is what helped her succeed in reaching this goal. “Consistency is key if you want to get your license in a relatively short amount of time, which can also save you money. You will spend less of your flight time in review, trying to remember some maneuver you previously learned.  I tried to fly at least once a week. It seems somewhat out-of reach at first, but once you familiarize yourself with the requirements it really is not that daunting.  Making a plan, setting a schedule and budgeting time and money are important.”  

Since receiving her license, Amber has been able to enjoy endless possibilities. She now has the freedom to fly away on a weekend adventure or just fly friends to dinner for a night on the town.  “The actual flight becomes part of the thrill of the trip.  Taking friends and family, who have never been in a small plane a few thousand feet above ground, to fly over their house or see a sunset from the sky will be an unforgettable experience for most!”

Whether you’re looking to surpass a fear of flying or you’re interested in aviation as a hobby or career, Amber encourages you to make goals and set your mind to it! “Working towards a goal can be very exhilarating.  When you are finally able to complete that goal, the sense of accomplishment is so rewarding. I think challenging yourself and setting goals, big or small, is an important thing for everyone to do!”


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