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This month’s student spotlight is on Warsaw Flying Club’s newest Private Pilot, Brad Patton. Brad’s lifelong love for aviation dates back to his early childhood and becoming an aviator has been a dream of his for years.


My entire life as I remember I have always ran outside when I heard a plane pass by. So I've always wanted to learn.” Brad describes his first time in an airplane as unforgettable! “My dad has his private also… he took me up with his buddy when I was 5 and I was amazed.”

Brad started his flight training with a light sport aircraft years ago, but was sidelined when the flight school he was training with got rid of their LSA plane. After waiting another year, he finally decided it was time to get back into action to achieve his lifetime goal.  “The desire to fly a plane has been there my whole life. After 2 years, lots of studying and great instruction from Jon, I received my Private Pilot Certificate. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing how long I've wanted to do this and all the hard work really paid off!”

Brad’s hard work and passion for aviation helped him enjoy each aspect of training for his Private Pilot’s license. “I really enjoyed every minute. To have a flight instructor like Jon Fussle made it even better. I will start my instrument training with him after I get my feet wet.”

Since obtaining his pilot’s license last month, Brad has enjoyed day trips to Indianapolis and Michigan City, and overnight trips to Mackinac Island and the Michigan Speedway. He looks forward to greater adventures in the future as he grows as a pilot.  “I have learned a lot on this journey and made some good friends along the way and hope this great journey continues with some more awesomeness.”

If you’re interested in starting or finishing your private pilot’s license, instrument rating, or getting checked out in our Cessna 172, contact Katye Fussle at katyetom@gmail.com or 574-606-5050 to schedule your flight or visit our website for more information.


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