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This month we spotlight our beloved Office Manager and Private Pilot, Carla Quintero. Veteran, mom to a 3-year old, and passionate about aviation, Carla joined the WFC in January of 2016 starting with her private pilot training, a lifelong goal that she was excited to begin!

“In High School, I planned to go to Vincennes University and major in Aviation, but instead went into the Military. Having finished my duty to the military, I moved back to Indiana and I decided it was time to accomplish that dream I had so many years ago.” Carla started off great and continued full speed to complete her goal, but like many things in life, she was met with struggles along her flight training journey. “There comes a point in training that you hit this wall that makes you think... "Will I ever get the hang of this?" The answer is yes, yes you will!” Once she broke through that plateau, she went on to earn her Private Pilot’s License in February of 2017. She encourages others who hit that same slow spot in their training to “Keep flying, keep studying, and keep your head up because you WILL fly over that wall and you will succeed!” She continues, “It took me a little longer than I had hoped, but during the extended amount of time, I have flown with so many great pilots. I had the opportunity to fly many different aircraft, and overall, made memories that will last a lifetime.” 

For Carla, some of those great memories include trips to Put-In-Bay, Ohio with other Club members, Oshkosh AirVenture, and creating relationships with others in our community of pilots. “Life is supposed to be a huge adventure. Along the way, if you’re lucky, you make friends that become family, and enough memories to last you a lifetime.

In the summer of 2016, Carla became more involved at the Club, and continues to volunteer with us as she is available, to help our Club run more efficient. She has been working with us in the office, helping with scheduling, communicating with instructors and students, helping with club events and overall organization of the club.

We are so thankful to have Carla flying and working with us. She has done a great job and has been an awesome advocate for the Flying Club since joining. “I would encourage someone who is considering learning to fly to take a Discovery Flight. Learning to fly brings a whole new meaning to life. You are no longer just another person who is stuck on the ground looking upward, you are a pilot and the sky is quite literally the limit. Stop just gazing upward and wishing you could fly. Come out to WFC and make your dreams a reality.” Carla looks forward to continuing her flight training with us and plans to earn her Seaplane Rating this summer! Then, her hope is to go on to receive her Instrument Rating and eventually become our next Certified Flight Instructor! Until then, “I hope to use my Private Pilot’s License for fun trips with friends, traveling with family, and continuing to learn and become more proficient as a general aviation pilot.”

If you’d like to get started with a Discovery Flight with us or continue your dream of becoming a pilot, contact Carla at 888-566-3877 or email us.

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