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The Warsaw Flying Club would like to introduce CFII Tarike Delisser. Tarike has been with us since February 2017 and has just recently completed his CFII rating, meaning we are able to offer another instrument instructor to our Private Pilot’s who are looking to learn and move on to their next rating!

Tarike comes to us from Andrews University and is originally from Jamaica. “When I was a teenager, I got an opportunity to jump seat on a Jamaican Airline and the experience sold it for me, that being in a cockpit was the best office anyone could work in.” From that point forward, Tarike made it his goal to work hard to pursue his aviation career. “I did my multi-commercial training in Oshawa, Ontario Canada in 2004. However, the aviation industry took a worldwide hit during that time, so I had to take a break from my training.” Soon after, Tarike left for Japan, where he lived and worked as a teacher for a few years. Thankfully, he had the opportunity to come back to the states, where he completed his flight instructor training at Andrews University.

Tarike enjoys being able to share his passion for aviation with others while building relationships with students as they work together to achieve a goal. “Seeing students through to the finish line, completing and passing checkrides is my favorite thing about flight training.” On the flip side, Tarike says it’s not always easy observing while he teaches. “Trying to shut up or not scream when students don’t taxi on the centerline is challenging sometimes.” Regardless of the ups and downs of instructing (pun intended), Tarike enjoys all of it because he gets to fly and encourage others to reach their goals while doing what he loves. “Work hard! Flying is fun and rewarding if you keep climbing high and setting goals.” Do that and this career can take you anywhere!

We’re excited to have Tarike on board with us and have already heard many great reviews from his students! If you’d like to schedule a flight with Tarike or any of our other CFI’s, Paul, Jayson, or Jon, email us, visit our website warsawflyingclub.com or call Carla at (888) 566-3877.

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