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The Warsaw Flying Club would like to congratulate our newest private pilot, Chris Long. Chris passed his checkride on January 10th, after working hard with his CFI Jon Fussle. Chris says, “Aviation is a great challenge for everyone. I liked seeing the week to week improvement in skill level with the encouragement of my instructor.

Chris first became interested in aviation in the mid-1970's while working at the Warsaw airport as a teenager. He always hoped to become a pilot, but moved on to other things, then time flew by. As he grew older, he decided it was finally time to return to aviation and reach a goal he’d always looked to achieve. “Hey, if you've always wanted to do something, anything, do it. I'm in my fifties, ‘full grown’ so to speak, and trust me this is doable. This is a grand achievement for anyone.”

 Since Chris was not able to dedicate as much time to flying as is recommended, It took Chris one year and 12 days from start to finish. Working in agriculture required him to put in long hours that interfered with his passion, but he snuck lessons in wherever he could to continue making progress. He says he has thoroughly enjoyed the last month of freedom in the friendly skies, giving his wife and daughter a glimpse of life as a pilot. “I love being able to climb into an airplane and arrive at my destination in a fraction of the time driving would take.” Chris enjoys the mental workout that flying gives you and says it keeps you young because you're always learning.

Chris plans to continue his flight training, working toward his instrument rating, just as soon as he’s done taking a little time to relax and enjoy his new found freedom.

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