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The Warsaw Flying Club would like to introduce our newest Private Pilot, Avi Persad. Avi pushed through his fear of heights and began taking lessons with us in July of 2014. Avi says he has had a passion for aviation since he was a child. “Although I didn’t realize I wanted to fly until a much later time, as a kid, I would look forward to every opportunity I got to go to the airport to pick up or drop off a family member. I loved staring at airplanes go by.”

Avi was able to take his time with his training, really digging into every aspect of aviation, calling his flight training challenging, yet rewarding. “Flying, in my opinion, goes way beyond pushing a throttle and pulling back on a yolk. It’s weather, law, ethics, engineering, biology, history, communication, and the list goes on. It was difficult for me in the beginning. But thanks to a patient instructor, I was able to learn at my own pace because Jon tailored the lessons to my style of learning. I really appreciated that!

Avi’s most exciting part of training was a flight he took home. Avi joined two other club members and CFI Jon Fussle on 4 day flight trip to the Caribbean in WFC’s 172. The group took off out of Warsaw and flew all the way to Avi’s homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. The 3 students rotated in and out of the captain's seat, earning a great amount of flight time and experience. The weather varied from snow in the midwest, to sunshine and blue skies in the caribbean, and everything in between. Avi was able to join his family at home for the holidays and he says it was an experience he will never forget.

After thoroughly studying and much time and dedication, Avi took his Private Pilot checkride in September of 2015. “Prepping for the checkride was stressful. I knew the material, but the anticipation of the exam was scary!” Although he was nervous, he passed with flying colors and has since been a huge advocate for aviation, sharing his passion and flights with friends. “I look forward to the freedom to travel and share the joys of aviation with my family and friends. I want to keep learning and improving… earning my instrument and commercial rating in the future and helping others along the way.”

It’s safe to say, Avi has now overcome two major milestones in his life; learning to fly and his fear of heights. “Today, I don’t mind climbing thousands of feet in an airplane. But I’m still terrified to climb a 15 foot ladder.” Avi has been a great asset to the Warsaw Flying Club and we appreciate his humor, camaraderie, and loyalty to the club. He’s always a friendly face to see at the club and ladies, he’s single!

To schedule your first flight or to learn more about flight training at the Warsaw Flying Club, visit our Learn To Fly page or contact us at 888-566-3877 or via email at katyetom@gmail.com.

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