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The Warsaw Flying Club would like to introduce one of our newest pilots, Jared Haughee. Jared joined us at WFC in January of 2015, after starting his pilot training in 2013. However, Jared’s love of aviation started long before he began his lessons in flight training. “Flying has always been fascinating to me. Even as a young kid, I would watch airplanes in the sky and say ‘I want to do that.’ As I have grown, we now use aircraft to accomplish tasks [in my career field] such as spraying fields and spreading fertilizer, so I have been able to keep in touch with aviation to some sort of degree.” Jared had the support of his wife who signed him up for his initial Discovery Flight. “She wanted me to achieve my dreams.” And that’s exactly what he did in September of 2015.

Jared HaugheeJared was able to work at his own pace to achieve his goal of becoming a private pilot, although it didn’t come without much hard work and dedication. “The most challenging part of training was having to dig into the books hard again and study.” As we know, if you’re comfortable, you’re not learning. Jared says he plans to continue with his flight training, staying proficient and earning new ratings. “I plan to continue with my instrument rating, then possibly commercial. It’s addicting! I want to be the best and safest pilot I can be and hopefully pass on the aviation dream to my boys and maybe some day they will become pilots.”

Jared has really enjoyed the different phases of learning to fly from his first solo, to cross country flights and we’ve enjoyed having him and his family out at the club. “My most memorable experience has been getting to take my family (wife and 2 boys) up for a sunset cruise.”

Having the support of those around you plays an essential role of flight training and Jared is fortunate to have his family at his side during this journey. “I look forward most to taking my family on weekend vacations to islands like Mackinac Island, visiting family a couple states away, and going to some weekend fly-ins.” We love that Jared is able to share his passion for aviation with others and we hope to someday teach another little Haughee how to fly. “Aviation is a community that, I have found, welcomes everyone to join.”

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Congrats Jared!
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