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Every member of the Warsaw Flying Club has a unique story, and the story behind Jayson and Hannah Slabach is a fun one. Jayson attended a Wings Night event a few months ago with his daughter, Hannah.

He wasn’t much for hanging around or anything, he just wanted to schedule a Discovery Flight.  While I (Jon Fussle) booked him for his first lesson, I mentioned our Young Guns program to Hannah and her eyes lit up!  She was in!

Within short order, both father and daughter had their respective first experiences at the Club, one Discovery Flight and one Young Guns trip to Lafayette for Pizza.  At Jayson’s Discovery Flight, I told him he ought to bring Hannah with him on his lessons, and with Hannah, I told her she ought to watch her dad learn so she could learn quickly as well.  When Jayson’s lesson #2 rolled around, he showed up with Hannah, and she’s ridden in the back seat of several of his lessons since then.  It’s so cool to see a father/daughter team have the experience to bond in a setting like this in an airplane at the Club.

Just last month, Jayson flew solo for his first time (without Hannah in the airplane as well)!  He soloed with only 5.6 hours of flight training and is currently racing toward his Private Pilot’s License.  He is already completing his cross-country flights at just a little over 20 hours.  While I anticipate his checkride preparation will take another 5-8 hours, he will have some extra flying to do to reach the minimum flight time required to get his license!  We are excited to see and hear about the adventures of this budding pilot.

-Told by Jon Fussle, CFI, CFII, MEI


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