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As the Warsaw Flying Club looks ahead at the exciting things happening in 2015, we want to get to know you better. We want to continue to help you reach your goals in aviation and offer the services you need and use.

However, in order to continue serving as a club, the FAA and TSA require the WFC to have a few things on file for each student and club member. In order to comply with these regulations, please bring the following items, or copies of the items, with you to your next lesson or flight so we can set up the proper file for you.

  • Copy of your passport or birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Credit card; In order to use the aircraft after hours.
  • Copy of your medical
  • Copy of pilot’s license
  • Current address and emergency contact.

Many of these items can also be emailed to us as well at katyetom@gmail.com, and we will take care of getting it printed and into your file. We look forward to hearing about your aviation goals and helping you get on the right track to achieve those goals this year!

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