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The Warsaw Flying Club would like to introduce our newest Private Pilot, Jayson Slabach. Jayson took his first flight with us on June 16 and passed his checkride on September 25, just a touch over 3 months!

“It was my father’s day present from Laura, my wife. I have been an overall aviation geek for as long as I can remember.  I would always be drawing airplanes or putting models together when I was young.  I did a good bit of skydiving while I was in college, it was a little cheaper to get into than getting a pilot’s license and I could sell plasma and pack parachutes to help offset the costs.” 

As a lifetime aviation enthusiast, this wasn’t the first time Jayson worked toward achieving his pilots license.I actually started lessons about 10 years ago while living in Illinois, but stopped when my wife, Laura, became pregnant with our youngest son.” He came to the Warsaw Flying Club with about 10 hours of flight time already under his belt, but hadn’t soloed and actually retained little from his previous experience.

Jayson looked forward to each lesson and was prepared for each flight, which helped him advance so quickly to his first solo flight, his favorite part of learning to fly! Jayson shared much of his flight training experience with his 13 year old daughter, Hannah. She would often tag along for lessons with Jayson and CFI Jon Fussle, which gave the father daughter duo a chance to connect.  We recently did a night cross country to Coldwater together and we had great conversation on the trip, we got to see some fireworks from the air and I had a brutally honest critic for my landings. It could not have been a better trip."

Shortly after beginning his flight training, Jayson signed Hannah up for the Young Guns program at the Club, flying once a month to fun and exciting destinations while learning the ropes of flying.  She plans to follow her father’s footsteps and become a pilot.

Jayson’s hard work, determination and perseverance paid off! Since earning his pilot’s license, he has enjoyed several trips with family members and recently took a weekend trip with his wife to Southern Indiana to take a look at the fall foliage. Help us congratulate Jayson and his family on this great success at this month's Wings Night, Tuesday, October 28 at the airport!

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