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This month we spotlight our newest flight instructor, Ryan Srogi. Ryan and his family recently moved back to the area after serving as a pilot in the Navy. “I grew up around Selfridge AFB when I was 5. Watching the fighters fly over head had me hooked from a young age. In high school though is when I made the decision to commit to the military with the aspiration to becoming a pilot!”

Ryan comes to us with years of experience, both in small airplanes and military aircraft. “I did a little flight training while in college at Purdue University. After that I became a military pilot and trained on the T-34 and T-45 before becoming an F-18 pilot. After exiting military flying I didn't want my skills to atrophy plus I love teaching. Being a flight instructor was a natural fit, and the WFC was the main show in Warsaw. Also, after I met Jon and Katye I saw how much they wanted to grow the aviation community and bring their love for flying to others!”

Ryan has been with the club for about a month and you may have already met him at May’s Wings Night. He is a great fit to the Warsaw Flying Club and we’re excited to offer our students an additional flight instructor. We believe his teaching style and military experience will be a great asset to the club and our students. “I try very hard to keep a positive learning environment, focusing on what is going well, and pushing people to reach their goal through hard work. Flying is extremely safe, but when we get lazy we get hurt, just like in anything else. I want people to have fun, feel the thrill of flying, and get that sense of accomplishment!”

Ryan enjoys teaching and mentoring people and aviation and his new role at the flying club as a flight instructor allows him to both. He says the first 5 hours of flying with a student are the most challenging, but he looks forward to the most rewarding part of the job, which is seeing a person succeed and fly on their own. “Just like anything new it takes focus and determination. Once you get there, the muscle memory is coming in to play, the habits, and all the things that make hard things fun, rewarding, and easy!”

Ryan has some great goals for the aviation community in Warsaw and we are excited that we can work together to help the aviation community grow. “I want to see the aviation community in Warsaw be a premier aviation center in the region. We have great businesses and people in the community that want a great experience here. I want to help people overcome the barriers in their life and help them find the awesome abilities God has given them and put them to use.”

To schedule your next flight with Ryan or any of our other great instructors, contact Katye at (888)566-3877 or visit us online.

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