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This month’s student spotlight focuses on WFC student pilot, Rylan Hughes. Rylan started taking lessons in 2013 and after a brief recess, decided to start flying with us in September of 2014. “It always seemed like such a cool thing to do, but it's one of those things that people always say "one day" about. One day, I decided that it needed to be TODAY. I've watched plenty of movies where the pilot characters were always such cool dudes, totally in their element, and it seems like such an attractive lifestyle. So far I'm not wrong.”

Rylan has joined the WFC on many adventures since he began his flight training journey, including the Caribbean adventure to get fellow WFC student pilot, Avi Nash, home for the holidays. “My most memorable experience so far, hands down, is the trip we took with Jon and two other students to Trinidad, flying from Fort Lauderdale over the Caribbean Sea, down and back up, in the span of four and a half days. Having complete control of three-dimensional space around you brings a singularly unique level of excitement that you'd be hard-pressed to experience elsewhere.”

Rylan looks forward to achieving his private pilot license and staying on course to go as far as he can, possibly into a career in aviation. “I look forward to the freedom to travel in such a unique way. Being in control of the plane and seeing the Earth below me gives me a certain feeling of peace that I can't find anywhere else.” As with any goal, there will be struggles, but Rylan encourages others to push past the rough days to continue working toward that goal . “Every once in a while you might have a bad day and it's a blow to your psyche, but reminding yourself that flying is the absolute coolest thing you're doing is enough incentive to make you forget about little things like that. If you want to learn how to fly, don't be afraid to go for it. Don't worry about the ‘what-ifs’ that your mind makes up as an excuse to not do something. Get up there and do it! WFC has opened up a bunch of new opportunities to meet people and make new friends, especially with those that share the same passions that I do. Making friends with fellow trainees and accomplished pilots can be a great support system for someone starting off on the adventure."

Rylan is excited about the growth he’s seen at the WFC over the last year and we’ve appreciated all his help and enthusiasm as he’s worked with us on our recent renovations. We look forward to getting to know him more and seeing out his goals in the near future. Thanks for choosing to fly with us Rylan! If you or someone you know is interested in flying with us, contact Katye at katyetom@gmail.com or visit our website, warsawflyingclub.com for more information.

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