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Please join the Warsaw Flying Club in welcoming back Certified Flight Instructor Tyler Beachy! Tyler came on board with us during the summer of 2013 as a CFI looking to gain flight time and experience in the right seat. After taking some time off to start his new life with his new wife, Tiffani, he rejoins our team to offer another instructor for our students! We welcome Tyler back to the club and are excited for each of you to meet and fly with him.

Tyler comes from a long line of aviators in his family. He grew up constantly watching airplanes overhead. “I have several uncles who were pilots and we lived about a mile from the Goshen Airport. So there were airplanes low over my house every day.”

He received his pilot’s license 6 years ago, while in high school. He caught the flying bug early and decided to pursue professional aviation as a career at Purdue University. Since graduating from Purdue, he’s been flight instructing for 2 years and continues to search for that perfect pilot job. “Right now my plan is corporate aviation...but my ultimate goal as a pilot is to find the job that fits me.”

Tyler is looking forward to instructing with us at WFC. “My favorite thing about teaching people to fly is when a student is having a hard time with something and they finally get it after hard work and dedication. It’s very fulfilling to see that progress.” However, with every job comes it’s challenges as well. “The most challenging part of being an instructor is having to cater to all of the different needs of the different personality types. You have to figure out the best way that a person learns and try to do things in a different way so that they understand concepts and you can continue the move forward.”

The challenges of flight instructing give them the breadth of experience it takes to help our instructors become better pilots and teachers. This gives our instructors the opportunity to share these incredible experiences with you. “My favorite and most exciting experience while flying has always been the first time we broke through the top of a cloud layer on my first trip as a co-pilot on the university jet at Purdue. It's a breathtaking view!”

Tyler looks forward to flying with each of you and getting to know you! You can expect to meet Tyler during the week and some weekends at WFC’s Hangar 12 and at this month’s Wings Night on November 18. Welcome back Tyler!

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