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Last month, the Warsaw Flying Club turned 11. We let our anniversary sneak by without much fanfare because it is an odd number to celebrate, and we have been really busy making our new hangar a home for this Club, as well as working hard to ready our aircraft for a busy season of flying.

Until two years ago, the Club was a hobby. I had a full-time flying job and worked the Club on my days off or after work. January, 2013, Katye and I felt lead to give the Warsaw Flying Club our full attention, and it has gotten just that, and the results are amazing:

Over the past two years, this Flying Club has grown by leaps and bounds. The number of flight hours we flew in 2013 vs. 2012 grew by 275%, and our growth in 2014 vs. 2013 was up 242%. So comparing our flight times of last year vs. 2012 shows a 674% growth over the past two years. Meanwhile, we’ve gone from just a single Cessna 152 in 2012 to the 152, two 172’s, and a Cirrus SR22, a 400% growth in aircraft.

This is, however, much more to us than just a job. This Club has become an extension of our family, and those who choose to become a part of this family have such an interesting and important place here. We have the Young Guns who bring energetic youth, the “old guns” who bring their wisdom and awesome humor (I’m thinking about you, Chris), we have guys and girls, young and old, students and professionals, craftsmen and IT gurus, foreigners and Americans… but we are all part of this family of aviators.

Each tick on the Hobbs meter is another exciting page in a chapter that belongs to each pilot at this Club in a book that is becoming a part of this legacy. We fly across the country; north to south, and east to west. We’ve flown to 10 different countries, dozens of states, and have so many memories. We are honored and humbled to be a part of your lives, your passion, and your legacy. Thank you for being a part of this Club and our family.

-Jon Fussle

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