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As we continue to grow at the WFC, we strive to offer our students and club members great options and flexibility for flight training. We are excited to share that we now have an additional flight instructor and it is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest CFI, Jonathan Scheets.

Jonathan got his start as a pilot right here at the WFC back in 2008. We’re so excited to finally have him cross over to the elite group of pilots who can call themselves a Certificated Flight Instructor.

Jonathan had been living and working in Madrid, Spain, teaching English when he offered CFI Jon Fussle and his wife, Katye a tour around the city while they were in Europe for business last November. It was then that he shared his desire to finish what he started with aviation. As they sat together over churros and hot chocolate, they constructed a plan to bring Jonathan back to the States and fill the void of flying that he was so passionate about.

Jonathan was excited to come back to the place he calls home and the WFC. “It’s a special place because it was the first place I learned to fly and it’s my hometown.” Jonathan came back to WFC as a Private Pilot with his Instrument and Commercial Ratings, he just needed to work toward his Certified Flight Instructor license. As a natural teacher and passionate aviator, we knew Jonathan would be a great fit for our growing demand at WFC. After working toward his CFI rating through spring, Jonathan passed his CFI checkride in July 2016 and we immediately welcomed him with open arms as our newest CFI.

As the pilot demand continues to rise with the current pilot shortage, adding Jonathan to our club as a CFI is necessary for the growth of our club. With him online, will can offer more opportunities to fly and learn as we continue to grow and meet the needs of our members and students. “I’m excited to teach and I know it will be rewarding helping students break through milestones while we work together.” Jonathan looks forward to experiencing new places as he works with students and helping others achieve their goals in aviation.

If you’d like to schedule a flight with our newest CFI, contact Katye Fussle at 574-606-5050 or via email, katyetom@gmail.com.


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