Squawk Ident | WFC's Newest Seaplane Pilot

Warsaw Flying Club would like to congratulate Martt Clupper on earning his recent Seaplane Rating. Martt came to the flying club this summer after he saw our J3 Cub parked on the grass by our hangar.

Martt has a serious passion for airplanes, but specifically the Piper Cub. He got checked out in the plane almost immediately and quickly became our resident Cub expert, helping with the maintenance and upkeep with the Cub as a licensed Airframe Mechanic.

Martt has been a huge help to our club, a great encourager to our members, and is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of aircraft. His passion for aviation is contagious and it’s a great energy to have at our club. When he’s not working to make our planes look and fly better, he enjoys working on restoring his new baby, a Piper Super Cub. We’re so excited for Martt to enjoy this new rating so he can enjoy more time in his favorite plane.

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