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The Warsaw Flying Club’s Young Guns program is a great program specifically designed for young kids and teens, ages 17 and under, interested in getting their career in aviation started early. 

Young Guns

These young pilots fly once a month with 2 peers and a flight instructor and are working toward a goal of being able to solo at the age of 16 to then go on to receive their pilot’s license as early as 17 years old.

Most recently, one Young Guns group spent their day flying to Grissom Air Reserve Base, sharing flight time at the controls to and from their destination! Young Guns Jake, Jason, and Javon had the chance to check out Grissom Air Museum with Chief Flight Instructor, Jon Fussle and grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant before heading back to ASW!  This is just one of many fun and educational opportunities our Young Guns experience in this exciting program.

Chief Flight Instructor, Jon Fussle shares a little about his day at Grissom with the Young Guns. “Adventures like this give the kids the opportunity to experience places they might not normally see. At Grissom, their passion for aviation was written all over their faces and you could tell their imaginations were running wild as they hopped from each aircraft cockpit to the next at the Museum.”

Students in the Young Guns program are scheduled to fly once a month with their group and each log 30 minutes of flight time. Students continue their learning while observing their peers from the backseat for 1 hour and complete 30 minutes of ground school together. Check out the Young Guns page for more details and to learn how you or your kids can get involved in this great program!

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